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3 Steps Ahead - It's Delicious [90s Gabber Music]

One of my favourite Old School Gabber tracks. I love 3 Setps Ahead.
So here it goes... It's Delicious. (Love that girl stripteasing BTW).
Hope you like this video as much as I do. My name is Coco Money and I like to dance the "hakkuh" style. You know that's a nice dancing style. I want to thank all the Dutch people for the Hardcore. When I hear words like Thunderdome, Masters of Hardcore, Neophyte, Endymion, Ophidian my blood starts to rush faster, my adrenaline levels go up. I like fast cars. I like Hardcore. BTW, if you're into Internet Marketing, making money online stuff, I invite you to my main website, CocoComo.